Cosy Dining Table


A square version of our traditional Dining table, Each unique piece has its own story to tell as all the wood we use is locally sourced and is reclaimed or recycled. From a snug four seater to the grand eight (Possibly more if you like each other) seater, these dining tables bring a sophisticated yet organic slice of the Welsh countryside to your home. The legs are made from oak fenceposts, hand cut by farmers over the last 120 years and polished to perfection in our studio, the tops from wind blown timber, milled exclusively to our preferances then pegged together usint traditional  methods for rugged stability. Our tables are made to withstand years of family exploitation until you are ready to hand it down to the next generation.

4-Seater: w. 90 cm x d. 90 cm x h. 74 cm
6-Seater: w. 90 cm x d. 150 cm x h. 74 cm
8-Seater: w. 90 cm x d. 200 cm x h. 74 cm

All furniture is made to order, please click here to get in touch with us for current production times

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